Research carried out by the recipents of the Young Investigator Grants (YIG)

One key mission of the Cardiovascular Program at KI is to support young and promising researchers in the cardiovascular field, preferably recruited from international top universities other than KI. To achieve this goal, CVP has announced Young Investigator Grants (YIG). All candidates are evaluated by three external referees.


Lars Magdefessel

Lars Maegdefessel’s research team is focused on the therapeutic and biomarker potential of antisense-/non-coding-RNAs (e.g., microRNAs, lincRNAs, NATs) in vascular disease and its underlying (patho-)mechanisms, such as atherosclerosis, myointimal hyperplasia, fibrosis, and thrombosis. His research team utilizes human biobank material as well as different animal and cell culture models to discover novel therapeutic approaches on a molecular basis to combat the burden of cardiovascular disease.