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Cardiovascular diseases arising from atherosclerosis constitute the major causes of morbidity and mortality in Sweden and are expected to be the largest group of lethal diseases globally. However, the atherosclerotic process and its complications remain enigmatic and the opportunities for prevention and therapy are limited. Against this background, we have established an internationally leading Center for Cardiovascular Disease integrating clinical, translational and basic research, education and cardiovascular care.

Our vision is to operate "from bedside to bench and back", ensuring that clinically relevant problems are addressed and that novel mechanistic insights are rapidly translated into innovative preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and implemented in clinical care. Focus will be placed on two key questions of particular clinical relevance:

(i) How can efficient prevention of plaque rupture/acute coronary syndrome be achieved?
(ii) How can the function of the ischemic myocardium be preserved and heart failure prevented?

To address these questions, we will develop new concepts for the molecular pathophysiology, prevention, diagnosis and therapy of four central processes in cardiovascular medicine - atherosclerosis, plaque rupture, myocardial ischemia including endogenous repair processes involving angiogenesis, and aneurysm formation.


Atheroma Club 2015. New perspectives and targets in atherosclerosis. Marstrand 9th - 11th of September.

New publication in Nature Communications

miR-24 limits aortic vascular inflammation and murine abdominal aneurysm development.
Maegdefessel L, Spin JM, Raaz U, Eken SM, Toh R, Azuma J, Adam M, Nagakami F, Heymann HM, Chernugobova E, Jin H, Roy J, Hultgren R, Caidahl K, Schrepfer S, Hamsten A, Eriksson P, McConnell MV, Dalman RL, Tsao PS.
Nat Commun. 2014 Oct 31;5:5214.
PMID: 25358394

Next CERIC/CVP/TCI Seminar

Daniel Ketelhuth is awarded the 2013 CVP Young Investigator Grant.
In international competition, Daniel Ketelhuth has been awarded the 2013 YIG. The total award is 3 MSEK divided over two years, 2014 and 2015.

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New CVP Administrator: Victoria Balabanova, Telephone:+46(0)8 524 876 01


6 million SEK to CVP researcher

Prince Daniel´s research grant for young and promising investigators was awarded to Lars Maegdefessel (YIG recipient) for his research on microRNA in cardiovascular diseases.
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